Raygun Announces New Take on Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Raygun Application Performance Monitoring (APM) offers software teams a 360 degree view of their software health

Raygun Announces New Take on Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

April 10, 2018 12:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time





the error, crash and performance monitoring platform for software teams
is set to change the world of application development and management
with the announcement of their Application Performance Monitoring &
Management service – Raygun APM.

The offering will go hand in hand with the company’s current Crash
Reporting and Real User Monitoring products, turning Raygun into a
one-stop shop for any software development team’s application monitoring
needs. Alerting teams to software errors in their application’s code and
report on poor quality end-user experiences.

“The addition of APM to the Raygun Platform delivers on our vision of an
integrated monitoring solution. Errors, crashes, real user performance
and server/application monitoring can now be all in one place, not
siloed or fragmented between teams,” said Raygun co-founder and CEO,
John-Daniel Trask. “We’ve been building towards the most integrated
monitoring platform for years, re-thinking what is achievable and
supporting all modern solution architectures.”

The Application Performance Management market is set to be worth $4.98
billion by 2019 and Raygun sees itself as a differentiator to other APM
vendors including New Relic, AppDynamics, and DataDog. By bringing
together data from errors, crashes, front-end performance and
server-side performance into one place, teams access an unrivaled level
of visibility into software health.

Raygun has also built-in tight integration with GitHub for the initial
release, which automatically links the diagnostic details captured to
the actual source code in your GitHub repository. All a developer needs
to do is inspect the code causing the issue and take the appropriate
action, with all the relevant information served to them, without having
to switch between tools.

Raygun APM is an exciting new addition to the Raygun Platform, which is
already used by thousands of software development teams worldwide,
including Domino’s Pizza, Coca-Cola, Nordstrom and Microsoft.

Pricing Information

Pricing is yet to be finalized but is expected to be competitive with
APM market leaders. While in beta, Raygun will provide access to APM at
no charge, leading up the official release date in a few months’ time.

About Raygun

Raygun provides a window into how users are really experiencing your
software applications.

The service monitors billions of end-user experiences each day and
comprises of error and crash reporting, front-end performance monitoring
and APM within one solution. Giving teams a complete, 360-degree view of
their software health, all in one place.

Unlike traditional logging, Raygun silently monitors applications for
issues affecting end users in production, then allows teams to pinpoint
the root cause behind a problem with greater speed and accuracy with
detailed diagnostic information for developers. Raygun makes fixing
issues 1,000x faster than traditional debugging methods using logs and
incomplete information.

Additional Information

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